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Gyplime Regular Gypsum Boards is an aerated gypsum core which is encased & bonded between two strongly paper liners, regular gypsum boards is suitable for many applications where basic fire, structural and acoustic performance levels are required.Regular Gypsum Boards is Grey face paper on front side and brown on reverse side.
Gyplime has established a strong reputation of providing high quality, reliable equipment for wallboard production. Designed, built, installed and backed by extensive industry experience. We stand behind our reputation. We stand out because of our commitment to customer success. Our startups are completed faster and our equipment exceeds expectations for quality and performance.


To be a preferred organization, well recognized in the businesses providing applicable solutions and values to our customers to enhance customer satisfaction.


To improve our product’s quality and services by meeting our customers needs to achieve greater company profitability and industry recognition.


Meet, customer’s requirements in terms of our product quality and services.Our commitment is to optimise available resources within the company.

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regular gypsum boards is suitable for many applications..
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